Top Destination Wedding Venues in the U.S

If you want a good venue where you can have a memorable wedding ceremony without having to travel out of the U.S. then you should have no worries at all because here are some of the top destination venues in U.S.A where you can have the best of services and treatment.

The venues are not just unique in their styles and activities but they also ensure that your guests are well taken care of. The places have different facilities and features for both your comfort and entertainment.

  1. The 1880 Union

Located in Los Alamos is one of the historic hotels in the United States. This is a great destination for a wedding ceremony or reception. They offer range of services including in-house catering service, ushers, and first-class entertainment.

They have a bricked courtyard where you can use for fun with a tastefully furnished presidential suite where the new couples can relax and have a nice time after the wedding ceremony.

  • Sea Island

Sea Island is one of the most luxurious resorts you can ever get for your wedding ceremony. It is a five-star-rated resort with facilities and features that can ensure that you and your guests have a memorable celebration.

The resort center boasts of about 392 guest rooms. They also have a spa center where you can use for relaxation. For those interested in playing golf, there are three championship 18-hole golf courses available.

  • House Island

The House Island is one destination you will want to have your wedding ceremony in. the place is just like a paradise on earth with modern and standard facilities that can help you have fun. It is located about 1.5 miles from Portland and it has 3 charming houses with great designs and decorations.

  • Gardener Ranch

When you are thinking of having more than just a wedding ceremony, then you have Gardener Ranch is a good destination for you. It is a place where you can wed, dine, and stay. The event hall is fitted with modern facilities that ensure that all your guests are comfortable.

There are 5 uniquely designed lodges you can stay after the ceremony. There is also a 3-bedroom house which is suitable for a new couple to relax and have some nice time.

  • Bear Flag Farm

This is an ideal destination for a private wedding ceremony. The place has hosted a lot of unforgettable weddings and you might also add your own to the list. This destination is ideal when you want to have a lone moment with your spouse.

There are plenty of good hotels just a few distances from the farm where you can stay for the night.

  • The Little Nell

Little Nell is just perfect for ceremonies where guests want unlimited entertainments and fun. You get the chance to have a dinner on the sundeck. There are 8 suites which are built for the comfort of their guests. There are other rooms where guests can stay for the night.


The destinations above are places you can have a perfect wedding ceremony right here in the United States. You do not need to travel miles before you can have a memorable wedding ceremony. Just choose one of these destinations and explore and you are sure of getting the best that you wish for.