Order of Service for a regular wedding ceremony

Order of Service for a regular wedding ceremony

Be it a civil or religious kind of service, they all follow a similar general outline.

Before planning the order of events in your ceremony, be aware: wedding ceremonies are all unique in their own way. While couples are fond of exchanging similar vows, or engage a kiss with deep dip, every wedding occasion has what makes it unique to others, given their different remarks, officiants, recessional, ring exchanges, etc. Having said that, highlighted below is the order of service for a regular wedding ceremony that can be useful in guiding your choices; however, please do not get the impression that you will need to do everything or have them done within a stipulated period.

The Procession

This formally refers to the couple walking the aisle and assuming their positions for the ceremony to commence. You could match tothe altar differently, showing that the both of you emanate fromseparatebackgrounds. Any procession that is Christian based will see the dad walk the bride while the groom should be waiting for her arrival at the altar. For Jewish processions, the groom is escorted by the parents while the bride is escorted by her parents to the altar as well.

The Officiant’sOpening Remarks

You probably have heard it over and over again: “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…” or some prefer to say, “Friends and family…”

The Officiant Message to the Couple

Most officiants see this as the perfect opportunity to educate the couple more about the marriage vows. This may include the responsibilities of both parties in marriage.

Exchanging Vows

The vows are the promises you make to each other. You may stick with the formal “to have and to hold, for better or for worse” vows” or row with what you have written yourselves.

Exchanging Rings

In the course of exchanging rings, you normally say, “With this ring, I thee wed.”

The MarriagePronouncement

The job of the officiant is to make your marriage official by saying (“I now pronounce you husband and wife”)

The Kiss

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for: your very first kiss as a couple.

The Closing Remarks

Your officiants gives a few words to round off things, as well as a blessing if it’s a religious kind of blessing.

The Recessional

This is basically the opposite of the procession, with the couple leaving the occasion together as just wedded, with the wedding party to follow.

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