Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress – 33 Tips That Can Help You Today

Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress – 33 Tips That Can Help You Today

1 – Before entering any bridal shop, always know what you want

With the aid of Pinterest and a magazine, look for your favorite dress before heading into any store. Ensure to understand designer names and style numbers. If your choices are narrowed down, it will become much easier making a decision on what you want.

2 – Starting early can help

It has been advised that you should start the process of searching for your favorite wedding dress about 8 months earlier. This enables you to become very flexible in terms of the decisions you make.

On the other hand, ensure that it isn’t too early since you may find it very hard sticking to one choice. This is why there has to be appropriate timing.

3 – Unless you aren’t making a customized design, it will be much better to start making plans in about 6 – 8 months

Making custom wedding gowns within very short periods isn’t impossible. The only thing is that it may cost you more. There are places that render services of such nature but you may have to pay more. This should be considered in the budget.

4 – Buying between Christmas and thanksgiving will be great

There is always this huge and unusual rush during the end of year period. This can drive price of wedding dresses up. The only way to beat such a rush is to make your purchases before end of the year.

5 – Be specific in your budget

It is very important that you understand your financial boundaries. Also, try to consider the fact that changes may be needed at one point in time or the other. Through such changes or alterations, your bill may increase from about $200 – $800.

6 – Bridal salon appointments should be made during the week and remember that time for fittings should be blocked out

Do you really enjoy struggling with the crowd during weekends? There are lots of wedding – obsessed people out there that you don’t want to start struggling with. During weekdays, you will be given better attention since shops are less busy.

As soon as you find your favorite wedding dress, it is high time you got appointments for fittings blocked out. For the gown to be perfect, about 2 – 3 fittings will be needed. After fitting number three has been put and you still aren’t impressed with your gown, fill free to make a request for another session.

7 – Mass retailers such as The Limited, Anthropologie, and J. Crew should be tried out

Bridal collections have been launched by Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Anthropologie, and BCBG. Most of the dresses aren’t up to $1,000.

8 – Do your shopping at non – bridal locales

This is a very easy way to save up some bucks. When wedding gets added to a description, such can increase the price significantly. Boutiques where wedding dresses seem to be sold are pretty expensive. There are other places you can find dresses that of very high quality at affordable prices.

9 – A trusted counsel should be involved

This could be anyone related to you or a friend. Provided you don’t have any problem with the opinion and views of such person, they are always welcome. The list should be tight though. Also, specify when the opinion of each person will have to come in.

10 – Understanding of terminologies

Through this knowledge you will be in a better position of knowing what you want.

11 – In case you plan wearing heels and strapless bra on your wedding, bring them along

Your posture can be altered by shapewear and heels. This will completely change the way that such wedding dress looks on you.

12 – Style your hair but ensure not to wear makeup at this point

This can really help you know whether such a wedding gown will be perfect or not.

13 – Bringing your gang along

If you are carrying friends or any of your family member along to choose your wedding dress, ensure that there is enough time created whereby they can get to know one another.  This will make them know their likes and dislikes thereby ensuring that no one is trying to sneer at the efforts of the other when choices are being made.

14 – Bring snacks along since you will be spending some hours for every appointment

Avoid being hungry during the process of making such decision.

15 – Take the venue into consideration

This becomes important when you are trying to choose your preferred style. Do you want the wedding to be held in a church, close to the ocean, or farm? In order to choose the ideal fabric, style and length; all of these will have to be factored in.

16 – Trunk show or sample sale should be tried out, but get prepared to make an upfront payment

In case your budget or time is limited and you aren’t really sure about what you need, it will be much better to get a sample sale. This makes you have a firsthand experience of what the dress will be like. However, if you already have your mind made up on a particular type of gown, there will not be any need trying to use a sample sale.

Also, trunk show becomes the best option when you want to embark on an adventure. Remember that upfront payment will be required once you plan using the option of sample sale or trunk show.

17 – Online sale sample should be tried out as an alternative

Through online sample sales, you will get access to wedding dresses that are very cheap. A popular site which offers rotating deals is Bridepower. Also, sample sale deals are offered by David’s Bridal. The starting price is even below $150.

18 – Know more about their return policy

This becomes very important most especially once you plan making your purchases online. The lead time should also be checked out for such dress. The fact that you are buying something online doesn’t really imply it will be immediately shipped out. Try to find out when it is going to reach your destination.

There are dresses which will take up to 180 days before arriving at your destination. Alternations that need to be made haven’t been factored.

19 – Second – hand or vintage dress should be considered

This should be considered given that you will only be using the dress once. With a second – hand wedding dress, you will be saving some bucks. Charity shops and vintage shops are perfect places where you can find wedding gowns that are gorgeous. Best of all is that they are super cheap.

20 – For a really good cause, you can purchase a dress

You can use of wedding gown to do some good. There are charities for instance which offer dresses for sale. These could be either used or new. All the proceeds will be going to such cause. For instance, trunk shows are hosted by Brides Against Breast Cancer and all the proceeds generated are donated for the research of cancer. Cervical cancer research is funded by Encorebridal.

21 – Don’t forget to try out as many dresses as you can

Don’t ever get frustrated and feel tired. You could find that perfect dress after trying out about 50.

22 – In making a decision about the perfect shapes, try to consider what you already have inside your closet

There is no need trying to start all over again. In case you seem confused about what silhouettes will be great for you, taking a look at your closet can really help. Do you prefer dresses that have skater-style? What about spaghetti straps? In case such dresses seem similar to what you’ve got already inside your wardrobe, consider getting them incorporated into your gown.

23 – While trying out different styles, try to keep your options open

You never really can tell the dress that will bring happiness and make you look really stunning on your wedding day.

24 – If you don’t have enough time, corset will be fine

In case you haven’t got the time to be going through various alterations, a dress which comes in corset – style will be great. Through this, you will have the option of being able to either make it to be lose or tight as you would have wanted. It doesn’t really matter whether you’ve added some pounds as this is a very flexible option.

25 – Product descriptions should be thoroughly read if you are purchasing online

This is very important and shouldn’t be ignored. If you stumble upon something you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to contact such seller. Alternatively, you can search for it on Google.

26 – Details that will complement such dress shouldn’t be forgotten

These could be shoes, veil headpiece and others. The dress is only a portion or part of the entire picture. Therefore, it is very important that other items which will complement it are considered.

Special order headpieces or veils do take to time to be created just like the gown itself. Such a timeframe should be considered.

27 – When there are big orders, bridal shops can sometimes give veil or other items for free

Asking isn’t going to hurt in any way. Veils aren’t expensive. However, they have high markup thereby making them wonderful bargaining chips.

28 – Always have a rethink before buying

Purchasing a wedding gown is a serious commitment. The last thing that you want to do is make decisions based on pressure from people around. Be very calm and make decisions that suit you. After all, you will be the one to put on the dress on that day.

29 – Don’t pay attention to your physical flaws

What you want to focus on is the feel of the dress you will be buying. Most bridal salons don’t allow the snapping of potential dresses. According to sales consultants, women usually do pay attention to their flaws whenever they take such photos. It means they don’t even take note of the dress.

How such dress makes you feel should be the main focus. Do you feel great, awesome or even like a princess? If it doesn’t make you feel really good, there is every chance that such isn’t your dress.

30 – Write down the details of your wedding dress

This entails ensuring that important details about the wedding dress have been noted and taken down before giving out your hard-earned money. These could be cancellation policy, name of manufacturers, its model number, alteration schedule and other vital pieces of information. This becomes very important when you seem to be dealing with those bridal salons that handle massive orders every day. 

31 – Be yourself once the right dress has been found

It is not compulsory that you will have to cry, or scream loud once you find the dress. Just remain calm as it doesn’t imply you haven’t found a suitable dress. Be emotional in a natural way.

32 – Don’t forget it is only a dress

It may be your wedding gown but that doesn’t mean it will be the focal point for that day. This implies that there are lots of other things you can focus on. In a nutshell, don’t forget that it is a celebration of love. Therefore, don’t let how the dress looks get the better of you on that special day. You can even consider your partner and the love both you will share after such an event.

33 – You will definitely know once the right one has been found

Never feel pressured to purchase something due to some reasons that don’t make any sense. For instance, it shouldn’t be that because it is available for sale, seems fine as considered by others that will make you make the purchase.

Don’t forget that this event happens once in a life time therefore, you need to do it really well. Take your time and choose what is right for you.