20 Tips That Will Guarantee a Hitch-Free Wedding Gown Shopping Process

20 Tips That Will Guarantee a Hitch-Free Wedding Gown Shopping Process

You are welcome to your fantasy world of dreamy bridal fashion trends! We like to imagine that since your engagement, you have been quizzed a million wedding dress-related questions such as what you prefer, when you intend to go shopping, who will be doing the shopping, who will be buying?

You don’t have to worry about a thing because Moonlight Bridal has got fantastic shopping tips that will guarantee a hitch-free shopping experience. Heed our instructions and you will not only enjoy your gown shopping experience, but you are bound to also have an enjoyable wedding excursion.

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1. Define Your Budget

Just so you don’t get distracted by those shiny and charming diamond wedding dresses that out there, make sure you draw a line on how much you wish to spend in this regard, that way you know how much you will be spending on your purposed gown. This is necessary for not just narrowing down your choices, but it will equally help you with realistic expectations regarding your dress shopping endeavors.

2. Start Your Shopping 9 or12 Months Ahead

Whether you agree or not, most gowns normally take up to 4 months before they are made. Consider shipping time (is your wedding dress coming in from Paris?) multiple fittings and alterations – finally, your gown preparation could last up to 1 year.

You cannot afford the time? A couple of designers do provide express services, on the condition that you will be paying more. Have you exhausted timely options? Should you be happy with an expert cleaning as well as being fortunate enough to get sample sizes that are fitting, salons love to sell to brides from the rack at affordable prices.

3. Do A Bit of Research

Are you getting confused due to too many options? Indulge our special wedding gown quiz, and discover the best style of wedding gown that will be suitable for you. Are you interested in finding out the silhouettes that will work best with your best bits? Explore the numerous posts we have at choosing the best fit for your type of body.

4. Implement Social Media Platforms To Discover And Save Gowns

Instagramand Pinterestmake a brilliant option for uncovering countless gown designs and styles in the market. Follow your best designers, bridal salons and blogs to find out what is new, see how your best gowns look on real people, discover unexpected sample sales as well as hear about trunk shows that are nearby. Save your favorites on your Instagram archives and wedding boards as you go along for your next appointment.

5. Pick Some Wedding Dress Styling Keywords

It is great to clearly communicate your wedding gown style to your supposed bridal stylist. For me, I liked it “silk, tailored and sexy” and all bridal stylists went along with gowns NYC “Claire” branded. Select a bridal muse that is most suitable for your style (mine was the Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’)

6. Schedule Bridal Salon Meetings

Try scheduling all possible bridal salon meetings in a single day or one weekend. That way, all the gowns will still be fresh as you recall them for comparison; you have a higher chance of saying yes when you are not looking forward to any future appointments.

When you schedule all your appointments in a single day, make the most of it. You could plan lunches in between the appointments as a way of thanking those who have accompanied you.

7. Contact The Bridal Salon On Time

A reliable tip for buying a perfect dress: jingle your salon a little as a way of telling them what you prefer. Bridal salons ought to be keeping note of your choice of gowns, your type of bride, and the time and location of the D – day. All this information will help them in pulling a perfect gown just for you.

While some salons could have designers that you adore so much, they may have only a few gowns at their disposal. Find out if they stock your best styles as well as if they do orders for samples that are not on showcase already. You can equally find out if they have over-sized samples for your gown type?

Should you plan on bringing any bubbly or treats, find out if they will allow it. A lot of bridal salons do offer champagne drinks to guest; hence, many do not welcome anything that can manufacture stains on their wedding gowns.

8. Be Wise About Your Bridal Tribe

You need to be extra careful when selecting who and who will be joining you in haunting down your wedding dress.

Start by confirming the maximum number of guests that can be allowed by your salon in a room (it is mostly between 4 and 5, which includes the bride). Next, is to consider who should be available. For example, are you expecting anybody to bear the financial implication of the dress? Finally, go for guests who have a positive attitude to life. Some intimate friends may be unqualified for this special day because of their cynical behavior (this has nothing to do with people being fun or not) ensure you have an uplifting bride tribe, knows you inside out, know what you prefer, and equally knows what choosing the best gown means to you on this day.

Brides are fond of asking if it is possible to invite their partner’ mother to be. What we feel: if she is the type that is supportive and you guys seem to get along pretty well, then hell yes! But if you are not sure of what to expect due to a fractured relationship, you could have her invited to a different bridal event, then inform her you intend to go shopping with some of your close friends.

9. Pen Down Some Questions For Your Bridal Stylist

Come along with questions that can only be answered by you stylist, which includes how much time will be needed to make your gown, whether they do in-house dress alterations or recommend tailors that are experts, will they be shipping the gown down to you (also find out about the shipping cost) or if they use shops for pickups, how best to travel along with your wedding gown, as well as whether steaming the wedding dress is advisable.

After seeing your dress, tell your stylist to show you how you can bustle the wedding dress (should there be need for that). Ensure a member of your chosen bride tribe understands this completely so you can ask them to take care of that on the wedding day.  

10. Treat Yourself To A Beauty And Spa Morning

See this as some luxury that would give your spirit the lift it desires on an otherwise busy day. Should your budget allow the money and time, visit your hairstylist and get a blowout, then get a professional makeup and wrap things up with a spa morning. You would find it easier to picture yourself on your wedding when you look set for the D-day.

11. Come Along With The RightShoes &Undergarments

Our bridal professionals recommend nude colored kind of panties and that you should not to bother about your bra (unless maybe you just looking for comfort). Strapless gowns provide more support than usual clothing. Hence, strapless wedding gowns provide more support than regular strapless dresses.

Everybody likes alterations, and that is when you have to make up your mind if you would prefer a fancy kind of bra under. Come along with it when doing alterations just to be sure it will fit underneath the gown. Alternatively, you could sew cups in the course of alterations.

Also come with heels that are high enough with what you plan on wearing on the wedding day. Many salons do have heels for testing, but they may lackthe size you have in mind.

12. Care Less About Sizing

All wedding gown sizes are hugely different when compared with what you put on a daily basis. Hence, do not be annoyed on seeing the size of your wedding gown. In fact, the sample you may be struggling with in the salon may be the one particular size that doesn’t fit anyone.

Almost everyone will be doing some form of alterations eventually, so whichever gown size you choose will be tailored to your size, which is very different from your normal pick your size shopping escapade.

13. Explore Different Gowns

It is great to know your choice of gown, by narrowing the gowns that will be pulled out during your wedding gown appointment. But never be scared of trying on something that is completely new.

For instance, see how you look in a gown that isn’t white. Try the ivory color, raincloud blue, nude or champagne and see how it is. You may just be the type that loves something a little different. I loved the taupe colored type of gown.

14. Remember the climate of Your Wedding Destination

Having said that, a full skirt with plenty of fabrics isn’t the best choice for any hot beach wedding. Always consider the destination and season when you are deciding on your gown.

Are you bothered about sweating on a summer-timed wedding? Go with silks and use the privilege to show off some skin. Looking forward to an outdoor wedding or late fall? Sleeves may just be what you need to maintain some warmth as you cruise into a late hour party. 

15. Heed Your Stylist (Plus Your Gut!)

it is not disputed that your bridal tribe know you very well. And nobody has any better understanding of the gowns that are in shop of the bridal stylist. Whoever will be pulling out gowns for you is actually paid to do so because that is what they are good at. They must have considered everything you fancy, as such, the bridal stylist’ opinion will be more objective when compared to that of your friends or family’. Bridal stylists think of what will be good for you, and not they prefer.

Ultimately, try blocking out every other distraction and concentrate on your gut feeling. If you have a bad feeling about any gown deep down, then that gown is not for you, irrespective of how good your bridal tribe say you look in it. Since you are the person that will be putting on the gown, it is up to you to make that big decision.

16. Don’t Go Close To Dresses You Cannot Afford

As an experienced wedding expert, the bridal salons I chose were glad to help me into any dress that was available just for the fun of it, but I stuck with the advice of the industry experts: stay away from dresses you cannot afford.

Two sad things may happen: the possibility of spending more than you ever bargained for, which may result to overstretching your budget or you could like a gown and none of the cheaper dresseswill be good enough for you.

And do not forget, if you plan on spending just $2000 for you dress, make sure you get something a bit cheaper, so you have some money to cater for shipping and alterations costs.

17. Snap Pictures!

As your bridal tribe to take a snapshot of you on any gown you like. By the time you are heading for subsequent appointments, you will have access to a catalogue that will aid you in choosing the best. Ensure you walk, get front view and back views because as you keep trying on many dresses it will be easy to forget some important details.

18. Never Be Scared To Say A Yes For The First Gown You Love

Our experts have shown that brides mostly think that they are in a hurry to decide. Interestingly, they end up buying the first dress they loved.

When I did my shopping, I waited for months just so I can try on a certain dress from one of my most respected designers. My bridal stylist pointed it to me and I instantly assumed this weird feeling that that was the one. While we still kept our appointments, I always felt like I should go get the first gown (which I did eventually)

19. Ask If The Salon Bundles Gowns, Veil And Accessories

Budget tip: Find out if your bridal salon has any discount plans when you buy your gown along with its accessories. Salons would prefer to provide you with anything you would be needing. So you should never be scared to ask.

20. Save Your Contracts, The Delivery Dates And Schedule Alterations

The moment you are done with your buying, safeguard the contract document by keeping a copy on hand (should you want to confirm certain timelines and measurements), save a calendar that has all the delivery dates and arrange for your alterations on time since they may be needing some extra necessary fittings.

Essential Information

For additional info on how to get these adorable wedding gowns, proceed to Moonlight Bridal site for trunk show and stockist information. You can find their gowns in places like South and North America, South Africa, China, Europe and Canada. You can track Moonlight Bridal via Instagram, Pinterest and Facebookfor some great and gorgeous feeds. And make a date with our Pinterest board, which is our collaboration page with Moonlight’ Bridal where we showcase some of the most sexiest gowns and ideas.

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